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40th Anniversary Show
July 27-29, 2017
at the Augusta Civic Center


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“Fantastically 40!” Challenge

Sponsored by
The Fabric Garden

That is how old Maine Quilts is this year: 40! Almost the oldest quilt show in New England  (Vermont Quilt Festival beats us by five weeks) -- we celebrate a very successful history, and invite you to join us in this anniversary event.  The Theme Aisle has no birds or flowers this year; instead, we are stretching your imaginations to consider a concept: 40! What is it? What was it? Whether you choose to celebrate something you enjoyed 40 years ago or you create in fabric a meaningful experience of your fortieth year, the interpretation of the theme is all yours.  On second thought, there might be a few birds and flowers decorating that aisle after all!

As usual, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when planning your entry. Whether it be a pot holder or a king size quilt, it is going to be hung. For quilts with a perimeter of 60" or greater a 4" (minimum) sleeve must be attached; and, even if the quilt is 100" long, the measurement between the top of the sleeve and the bottom of the quilt cannot exceed 88." Then there are the jackets, aprons,  tiny quilts -- all of which are very welcome -- that we working set-up take a lot of time trying to figure out how to display in their best light.  If you are submitting something like this you can include a decorative hanger or put rings on the back of the item if appropriate. Lastly, only one entry per quilter is allowed, but your participation in "Fantastically 40!" will glean you a special commemorative pin.

We truly hope you enjoy exploring the theme and we look forward to your amazing creations being displayed at Maine Quilts 2017!

Use the Quilt Entry Form to submit your entry. Please read the complete entry information.

Chapter/Group Challenges

PTQG chapters often challenge their members to create a quilt with a specific theme, special fabrics and/or colors. These challenges provide an interesting and colorful exhibit.

To enter, use the Chapter/Group Challenge Entry Form.

Please read the Guidelines for Challenges and Quilt Entry Information and General Guidelines for complete information on how to enter a quilt.

Guidelines for
Chapter/Group Challenges

Chapter/Group Challenge – Mini Quilts:

  • Quilts in this challenge category are small, individual quilts made by chapter/group members.
  • The maximum perimeter for an individual quilt is up to 96”.
  • The individual quilts do not require sleeves.
  • The individual quilts must be sewn or safety pinned to a backing provided by the chapter/ group.
    • The backing must have a minimum 4” hanging sleeve.
    • The backing must be no longer than 88"
  • All individual quilts must have an identification tag with title, maker and size.
  • A Challenge – Mini-Quilt entry counts towards an individual’s 4-quilt limit.

Chapter/Group Challenge – Large Quilts:

  • Quilts in this challenge category are large, individual quilts made by chapter/group members.
  • Each quilt must have a perimeter of more than 96”.
  • Each quilt must have a minimum 4” hanging sleeve. with the top of the sleeve no more than 88” to the bottom of the quilt.
  • All quilts must be entered as a group on the appropriate form if they are to be hung consecutively in the exhibit.
  • A Challenge – Large Quilt entry counts towards an individual’s 4-quilt limit.


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